How to Develop Budding Video Ideas

May 19, 2015 | Uncategorized

Have you ever wanted to make a video for your company, but were unsure how to turn your aspirations into reality? A lot of organizations have diverse ideas for the content of a video that they dream of producing. Few, however, know how to develop the myriad of ideas into something meaningful.

Hiring a video agency is a great way to turn these ideas into a professional reality. Here are a few tips for ensuring the agency you go with will create the film of your imagination.

Your video agency should:

  1. Learn about you, the client (no two are the same). They should be asking about your mission, values, and goals. This proves that they are truly interested in creating a piece that will honor who you are, and who you want to be.
  2. Create a product that works for you. They should tailor the messaging and visuals to meet your specific needs, helping you reach your specific goals. It may mean composing an animated film, or even creating a documentary styled narrative. Whatever method they suggest should be the best for communicating your message.
  3. Suggest setting up a marketing plan. How are people going to watch it? Simply putting it on YouTube doesn’t guarantee viewers. You will need to plan marketing platforms and showings to create interest in your film.
  4. Work with you to determine where the video will be displayed. Will the final video be permanently placed on your website? Will it be used at trade shows? Pre-planning will help you determine what type of video you need.
  5. Be transparent and help you learn. A good video agency will explain why something is a good idea, and why something is a bad idea. They will help you understand the process and keep you in the loop.
  6. Tell a story. Rarely does one video tell a complete story. A good video agency will help you think through what it looks like to create several short videos to accompany a longer video. This keeps your content fresh and also provides the opportunity to dig deeper into some of the details of the story you are telling,

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