Direct Mail Marketing: Is It Worth It?

Jun 14, 2017 | 212 Articles, Direct Mail, Marketing

With the larger global focus on digital marketing (especially social media), fewer organizations invest in direct-mail campaigns. This means people are receiving fewer mailers, which means less junk. Think about what that means for you. If you craft a compelling, personalized, and valuable offer and send it through the mail, there is a higher chance your piece will stand out.

A 2016 study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers showed that response rates can be as high as 5.3% when using a naturally curated list of contacts. The potential for cross-selling and up-selling your current or past customers is vast.

For optimal performance, your direct mail campaign should be paired with a digital campaign. The same contacts that receive your mailer should also receive your emails, see your social media posts, and interact with retargeting ads from you. When direct mail is a part of an integrated marketing plan, your potential ROI multiplies.

If you prefer to simply send a standalone direct-mail piece and not integrate it with online tactics, make sure your list is well vetted and organized for proper targeting. Don’t send women’s shoe offers to an 18-year-old male. Make sure the right people receive your message. AND BETTER YET, personalize it. People love to see their names on things and appreciate when extra care is taken to deliver a personal touch. If your address list is small enough, write a personal note to each person!

We recently launched our own direct-mail campaign. It included a handwritten note to a few new prospects, some valuable data for their specific industry, and a recent case study. Everything we included was designed to meet a need of our target audience and begin building relationships with them. These mailers were paired with various other digital tactics and have performed very well.

If you are planning to use direct mail this year, be innovative, creative, and personal. Align your work with your digital channels and pay attention to your response rates. Right now the data indicates plentiful opportunities for revenue in direct mail. Don’t miss your chance!

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