Direct Mail: Still Relevant and Effective

Apr 18, 2017 | 212 Articles, Direct Mail, Marketing

Gone are the days when an envelope with a catchy saying prompted someone to open a piece of mail and give money to an organization.

Direct mail is dead, right?

Actually, no.

What if you are just going about your direct-mail strategy the wrong way? You can’t use the same methods for years and expect to be successful. Like everything in this world, direct mail is constantly changing, and doing what you’ve always done just won’t cut it.

How should you start? Make sure you really understand the role of direct mail and, most importantly, your audience. A colorful, customized postcard might work for a younger audience, but an older audience may prefer a more in-depth, traditional piece.

One way businesses can keep up with today’s ever-changing needs is by making their direct-mail pieces more personalized. Newer generations desire to be recognized and wanted, not treated like part of the masses. Direct mail is all about being flexible and educated. The key is knowing who you’re trying to convince so that you can tailor your direct mail to specific recipients.

But, don’t put all your eggs in the direct-mail basket. Utilizing just direct mail won’t cut it anymore, with all the competing noise in the marketing world. Incorporate similar messaging into multiple marketing channels. That way, people are seeing your message on social media, in a direct mail piece, in an email, and through other marketing mediums. Remember that these things take time, so be patient. And don’t be afraid to try new things.

Remember when television and online media emerged? Everyone assumed theater and magazines would die. They didn’t die—they just adapted. Bottom line is: People can say anything is dead, but if you educate yourself and adapt accordingly, you can make anything work for your good.

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