Don’t Believe the Inbound Social Media Hype!

Jun 5, 2014 | Inbound Marketing, Social Media

Social icons over man on smartphone

What I don’t want to happen with this article is to have you hear me saying social media is a useless tool for your inbound marketing strategy. Let me assure you—I think social media is one of the best ways to drive website traffic.

But I do want to debunk some of the unrealistic social media hype. It’s all too common for business owners or marketing managers to think getting web traffic is as simple as writing content and posting it to various social media accounts. Below are three common misconceptions, why they are incorrect, and why they give social media a bad reputation.

“If I post my content on social media, people will always click it.”

Yes, inbound marketing focuses on posting great content for customers to find when they need that specific information. But remember that only a limited number of people are looking for that information at any given time. Just because you post it doesn’t mean people will read it. There’s more to it.

“My followers follow me for the content I share.”

False. The number one reason someone follows you on social media is to get a discount or coupon from you. Some people will enjoy your content, and you might even have a few avid readers, but most people want a deal!

“I can post my content and forget about it.”

Remember that social media is a conversation. If you just post content at your followers rather than building relationships with them, they won’t be engaged enough to click.

Consider these three things while creating content, and especially when you share it. Social media is a powerful tool to drive traffic and increase social media leads, but if you misuse it, it will fail to provide the results you want.

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