How to Effectively Use Social Media to Sell Your Product

Oct 15, 2015 | Advertising, Brand, Facebook, Inbound Marketing, Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Twitter

Social media is one of the most effective tools to sell products, but can be futile if used incorrectly. Let’s get this out of the way first: Stop begging your audience to purchase your product by posting about it over and over again. If this is your approach, it’s time to add diversity to your posts. Without drowning your followers in sales-oriented tweets, how should you use social media to boost sales?

Tweeting three to four times a day is great, but make sure the content is relevant and effective. Limit “buy my product” posts to once every five tweets, and use the others to interact. Try responding to customers each time they mention you or your product, offering helpful information. Or, tweet positive product reviews and testimonials. And don’t forget to make your bio strategic! People will click on your profile frequently, and your bio is the first thing they see. If you can provide links to deals or related information, then you can likely leverage more sales. This is often overlooked, but it’s a great way to grow sales or emphasize a feature of your business. A retweet is word-of-mouth marketing at its finest, so explore when your audience is on social media the most—because that’s when you should be active online, too.

Facebook and Instagram
Pictures are very powerful. Seeing a savory T-bone steak is much more appealing than reading about one. Use pictures to your advantage! Posting an excellent photo can illustrate a sale or new product much better than words alone. Facebook also offers the option to promote your page (for likes) or your website, giving people the option to click right to a product page. These ads are accompanied by an image, so be sure you select a high-quality, appealing image that makes your customers want to click.

With more than 70 million users, Pinterest can drive product sales through the roof if used effectively.
Coupons are hot. The words “free,” “discount,” and “deal” have long been selling staples in marketing success, and still are. Deals promoted through Pinterest will sell your product. It is also critical to include keywords that reflect your business in your “About” section. Be sure to clearly explain who your company is and what you do. This makes it easier for your customer to find you in any search.

If your ultimate goal is to drive traffic back to your website, Pinterest is ideal. Engaging pins get clicks, which you can take advantage of—especially if you have an ecommerce website. This means that including your site on your profile is a must. Link to your products in every related pin, and use board names and hashtags to reflect the keywords in your “About” section to see the most results.

It’s time to relax and start having fun on social media. Interact with your followers, and they will appreciate you for it. Offer special deals or freebies to your audience to help bring in new customers. Consider holding Q&A sessions to let your followers know that you care about their opinions—and listen to their ideas.

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