Email Marketing: Does it Really Work?

Aug 26, 2013 | E-mail

Email marketing process diagram

Email began in early 1970. It has come a long way since then and is a necessity in business today. Email is used by many as the primary method of communication with co-workers and clients. It is a quick and easy way to send a message to someone, without having to pick up the phone and hope for an answer. Since we know people use email, what about email marketing—does it really work?

Email marketing is a hybrid type of marketing. It is a combination of both digital and content marketing. It takes the interactive side of digital marketing by putting it on your computer and going straight to your inbox. It combines with content marketing by providing the audience with engaging material, encouraging them to interact with the links and information.

This hybrid combination is what makes email marketing so effective. To be successful with marketing, you need to use relevant methods and reach your audience where they are. Email marketing delivers quality content right to their inboxes, which drives them to further engage with your business. This is an excellent method to create more leads outside of traditional sales. However, since email marketing is a combination of two types of marketing, it takes dedication and care to execute properly.

In this method of marketing, the most important factor is content. If you have engaging information that really reaches out and grabs the attention of the reader, your emails will be successful. But poor or lacking content will simply direct their attention elsewhere. Make sure your content is perfectly suited for your audience before launching an email campaign.

Email marketing is an excellent avenue for your business, so take advantage of it. Reach your audience with great content and an attractive layout, and you’ll be on your way to generating more leads.

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