Emotional Responses: The Power of Autumn Leaves and Product Positioning

Oct 20, 2015 | Advertising, Brand, Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Traditional Marketing

There’s something about the autumn season that elicits a reflective kind of emotion. Perhaps it’s the cooler evenings or the lingering scent of burning leaves in the air. Or maybe it’s the changing colors on the trees, or the apples and pumpkins making their way to the dinner table.

Regardless of how you experience it, autumn is magical. Autumn is change. Autumn is completion. Autumn is a job well done and preparation for what comes next. For those fortunate to live in a climate with seasonal changes, this feeling is not subjective. It is a deeply seated, innate element woven into the very fabric of the shared human experience.

All seasons have their connotations. Winter is a time of peace; spring is new life; summer is freedom and youth. Autumn, however, is the best season of all.

Autumn’s ability to evoke feelings of contemplation tells us something about the tendency of human emotional processes. Autumn is magical not on its own merit, but because of its associations: the start of school, piles of leaves, aromas of freshly baked apple pie, and family memories of trick-or-treating and Thanksgiving.

Because these emotional responses are so broadly connected, savvy marketers understand the importance of tapping into such powerful feelings. In short, your customers are far more likely to make a purchase if they find a product or service that satisfies or resonates with that elusive, magical feeling. Consider the many options for positional marketing:

  • Autumn is change. Why not encourage your customers to follow through with what nature recommends? The leaves have changed, and now it’s your customers’ turn: Change your wardrobe, change your haircut, change your oil.
  • Autumn is completion. Now is the time for your customers to finish those long-standing projects: Seal the windows, fertilize the lawn, wash the car.
  • Autumn is a job well done. Help them celebrate the harvest feeling with restaurant deals, new coffee flavors, or special events.
  • Autumn is preparation for what comes next. Encourage them to get their homes in order before the long winter arrives: Update electronics, stock up on softener salt, winterize the air conditioner.

The possibilities are nearly endless. In each case, messages are crafted to partake in the pre-existing autumnal feeling. Consumers connect to products or services via the product’s relevance to autumn’s prevailing appeal. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Or perhaps the lessons of this season are best applied to your business. Are you experiencing lackluster sales, or are you tired of working with a marketing company that won’t take these kind of opportunities into account? Maybe it’s time for you to follow nature’s advice and change. Change to a partner that understands the psychology of business and of the consumer, taking time to understand you and your company’s needs. Consider 212 Media Studios for your marketing plan. We’d be happy to talk to you about how you can use this season to garner new business opportunities.

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