Engaging Audiences with Vlogs and Webinars

Jun 27, 2018 | 212 Articles, Communication, Creativity, Customers, Digital, Inbound Marketing, Live Blog, Multimedia, Technology, Video

Consumers see all kinds of content on a daily basis—and unless you can produce something especially engaging, it will be harder and harder to get noticed. Innovation is key to attracting customers and getting them to fall in love with your company.

The more interactive your content is, the better. Vlogs and webinars let your customers engage with your content more personally.

Here are a few tips to start your vlogs and webinars on the right track:

Do you already run a blog for your business? Adding a vlog (video blog) to complement it might be a good idea. Vlogging is a simple way to promote brand awareness for your company. Consider these advantages:

  • Build trust with your customers by showing them the human side of your company.
  • Provide quick, direct information for customers.
  • Reach more potential customers by promoting your vlogs on social media and integrating vlogging into your inbound marketing strategy. You can address common issues your customers face and establish your company as an industry leader.

A good webinar can showcase your industry knowledge by giving information your consumers need to know and providing practical solutions for their problems. To encourage lead generation, make sure you take a few things into account:

  • Promote your webinar on your social media platforms. Tell people why they need to be part of it, and stir excitement.
  • Welcome questions throughout your webinar; interact with people who want to engage personally. But appoint a moderator to keep everything on track.
  • Always be prepared. Practice your webinar before you host it, and formulate a thorough plan to impress your audience.

When you engage with your customers, you learn more about their needs and how you can meet them. Invite people to interact with you to create the human-to-human marketing relationship that will lead to consumers’ delight and your success.






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