Everything is Marketing: Customer Service

Jun 23, 2016 | 212 Articles, Advertising, Brand, Business, Customer Service, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Professionalism

Every interaction you have with a customer sends a message. You can make a positive or negative impact with each touch, so take each opportunity seriously. Everything is marketing.

What most companies don’t understand is that this includes in-store employee appearance, customer service calls and emails, and even the way managers handle complaints.

The most common negative impact on your reputation is poor service. If your restaurant is consistently slow in delivering food or if employees appear bored or act like they hate their jobs, it reflects on your company, not just the individuals.

This is especially true in management. If a customer request appears as an “inconvenience” to management, you can say goodbye to your reputation regardless of how great your product is or how convincing your ads are. In fact, 89% of consumers stop doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. 

In today’s virtual world, this extends past the brick-and-mortar walls of your business. Employees posting inappropriate comments and images on social media can damage the impressions of your company.

And clearly, getting into an argument with a client on social media does no good. A better tactic is to take the complaint offline and have a reasonable conversation with the unhappy customer.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, David Phelps, lives by the philosophy that “everything is marketing.” He is a driving force within our organization to help clients see the complexities that impact customer service. “Everything you do, internally or externally, can impact your client relationships and your reputation. Forgetting this basic principle is the death knell for many businesses. If you don’t think about the customer service impacts of your actions, you’re setting yourself up to fail.”

Everything is marketing!

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