Expand Your Reach with Guest-Contributed Content

Jun 5, 2019 | 212 Articles, Communication, Content Generation, Content Marketing, Creativity, Print

Successful marketing demands creativity. Consumers—also known as blog readers, social media followers, and email recipients—have seen it all. Businesses must now deliver the right content at the right time to targeted audiences. Within a multi-tiered marketing plan, one effective, yet often overlooked, tactic for multiplying your reach is by contributing to outside sources. Read about the value of guest-contributed content—and other creative marketing tactics—in our latest white paper.

Supplying high-quality content to credible publications allows your company’s voice to be heard on a wider scale. Guest-contributed articles, or guest posts, are a powerful tool.

Finding a specialized publication with which your target audience is already familiar—and getting that organization interested in publishing your work—requires additional time and effort, but the results are invaluable for your company.

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An external publication can reach your potential clients where they already are, rather than interrupting them with ads or clickbait. In this way, guest posts allow you to benefit from the trust that your readers already have in the target publication. This rapport makes your content more credible with your audience, often prompting them to learn more about your products or mission.

When researching where to distribute content, it’s not always necessary to pursue the most widely known publications. Many trusted, niche publications may cater directly to your target audience. Once you’ve found the right publication for your audience and persuaded that outlet to include your work, your content will need to be crafted specifically for the particular website you’re targeting.

After your guest-contributed articles appear, you can bring qualified leads back to your website by linking those articles to your blog and other content. Likewise, you may consider inviting professionals to contribute work in your publications to improve your networking and standing.

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