Expanding Your Brand Part 4

Jan 23, 2013 | Brand, Communication

Expanding Your Brand

Welcome back for part 4 on learning to expand your brand. A quick review of what we’ve covered so far includes knowing your brand, sharing your brand, and growing your brand. Each of these steps is very important for you and your business. Without any one of these steps, your brand will be unable to reach what it is truly capable of. That being said, let’s jump into what it takes to expand your brand to its full potential.

So let’s assume that you know your brand well, are sharing your brand, and even using all the possible avenues to grow your brand and its following – now what? Well, one last piece to consider is “expanding” your brand. While expanding your brand will not always be appropriate, you may be limiting your brand potential. For example, say your restaurant is known in your area for having the best pizza. You know that great pizza is a staple of your brand. You and your fans share that you have the best pizza around, and you have found effective ways to spread the word and grow your brand. But what if your restaurant wasn’t just known for great pizza. What if you added another strong staple to your brand? What if you took another aspect of your business and made it as big of deal as your pizza? Your business could not only be known for having the best pizza in town, but also the friendliest service or the best atmosphere.

Chef with pizza

The key to expanding your brand is finding out what aspects of your business have the potential to be a major factor in your overall brand. Once you know where your highest potential brand assets lie, you just need to share them with those who already love your business, and use your marketing plan to share and grow your brand. This expanding step is just taking a potential strength of your business and turning it into a major part of your brand image. The more things that your brand can be known for that are positives, the stronger your business brand will be.

Remember Story + Marketing + Reputation = Brand. Make use of all of your potential strengths to create a great story that you can share with the world.

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