Finding a Marketing Agency that Does it Right

Apr 11, 2013 | Marketing, Multimedia, Print, Traditional Marketing, Video

Marketing under magnifying glass

You know you need multimedia. Print. Social media. Video. Email blasts. This is how our world works. Gone are the days of just doing good work and relying on word of mouth. You are now part of a society that requires you to have a close encounter of the techie kind.

What do you do? Chances are somebody around you takes care of these items. In your town, there is bound to be a mom and pop shop, a do-it-all print company, a marketing agency, a cousin who messes around in Photoshop—SOMEBODY can help you with this.

Do you go after the lowest price? Do you go with the person you have known the longest? Do you take advantage of special offers and coupons?

If you are like me, you don’t buy anything on the internet before you do a little bit of research and investigation into the product. Count the stars. Read the reviews. Click “Add To Cart.” Done. Why would you do anything different when shopping for someone to do your marketing? You are paying for a product, and they are providing you with that product. This is no different from making that purchase online.

Ask questions.

Any good creative mind has a portfolio. In the video world, this is called a reel. Ask to see it. They should be more than willing to give you a peek into their past work. If there is any hesitation here, you should probably look elsewhere. The last thing you want to become is somebody’s experiment.

Read reviews.

How do you do this? Ask them for a client list. You will probably recognize a name or two on the list. Give them a call. If the marketing business did good work for them, the clients won’t mind taking a few minutes of their time to tell you how great of a job your prospective agency can do.

Take them for a test drive.

If you have a big project coming up, find a small project you can give to them in advance and see how they do with it.  Test them out with this project. Are they prompt in their responses to you? Do they listen? Are they willing to give a little? If they care enough to value your Pinto, they will most likely take extra special care when you hand them the Maserati.

212 Media Studios has existed as a company for a year and a half. Does this make us a young company? Absolutely. 212 Media Studios is a collection of creative professionals who have been operating in their areas of expertise for years—but now, we have come together under one roof. What you get with 212 Media Studios is an experienced marriage of the minds. We have portfolios. We have reels. We have a customer base. Take us for a test drive and see.

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