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Jul 31, 2019 | 212 Articles, Business, Community, Marketing, Small Business

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are an attractive segment. They are also a large and varied one, making them particularly difficult to reach. Although these organizations fall between the enterprise and consumer spheres, simply scaling up or down from your usual marketing practices will not work.

In order to market to SMBs, you must understand their needs. Offer your services and products in a way that shows you can help their specific circumstances. It starts with learning more about these companies, looking for opportunities to share something new with them, and building your company’s reputation.

In 2017, Gartner Digital Markets conducted a survey of 699 individuals across 14 industries, all of whom represented small to midsize businesses—each having fewer than 499 employees and less than $100 million in annual revenue. Survey results revealed that the main achievements that most SMBs are looking to realize are to:

  1. Grow their revenue.
  2. Be competitive.
  3. Capitalize on the latest technology.

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This data provides a number of actionable cues for reaching SMBs:

  • Use your marketing campaign to reveal aspects of your products or services that increase the efficiency of SMB owners. If you make your business customers’ lives easier by saving them time, you are also saving them money.
  • Fine-tune your message to show SMBs how your product or service could help them succeed—more specifically, how it could tip the scales regarding their competition.
  • Feature your technological strengths. SMBs need business partners who can equip them to embrace the latest technology in their fields.

Focus on these three areas, and you will see growth in your efforts to capture the attention of small and midsize companies. For more tips on attracting SMB clients, read out white paper!





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