Generation Z, the Underestimated Consumer

Mar 27, 2018 | 212 Articles, Communication, Customers, Inbound Marketing

The marketing world has been talking about Millennials for years, but a new generation is following swiftly. Some of the marketing tactics used to appeal to Millennials aren’t going to fly anymore. The focus is shifting as Generation Z is making its way into the consumer market. Eventually, Gen Z’s buying habits will influence the generations ahead of them as well—meaning the messages you use to target your customers will need to adapt.

Gen Z outnumbers both Baby Boomers and Millennials, making up 25% of the U.S. population. This generation, having been shaped by the increasingly polarized political climate and a struggling U.S. economy, is starkly different from Millennials. With this in mind, we’ve broken down four details about Gen Z to help you grab their attention.

Gen Z is frugal.
Because they grew up during the recession, members of Gen Z witnessed the struggling middle class. Finances are important to Gen Z because they don’t want to be victims of an economic collapse like some of their parents were. They won’t spend their money unless they believe what they’re buying is valuable.

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Gen Z is review-focused.
Since Generation Z wants to confirm the quality of a product before they risk wasting money, they search for good reviews for the product. ReviewTracker says 95% of Gen Z reads online reviews, and if there aren’t enough product reviews, almost 50% of Gen Z won’t make a purchase. As more of this generation enters the consumer market, reviews will become increasingly crucial to a product’s success.

Gen Z is realistic.
The economic and political problems that have plagued America in recent years have given Generation Z a realistic picture of the world. According to Forbes, only 56% of Generation Z believes they will achieve a higher standard of living than their parents, a sobering statistic when compared to the optimistic 71% of Millennials. Gen Z is not swayed by lofty ideals; they prefer truth and transparency.

Gen Z is impatient.
This generation is one of the first to be born into a world with the internet, giving them immediate access to almost anything. As a result, they don’t have the patience to wait for a message they don’t want. According to Publicis Worldwide, Gen Z expects short and frequent messaging. If a product doesn’t catch their attention immediately, or if it isn’t reinforced, they won’t show interest.

Generation Z will soon be a crucial part of the consumer market, and their spending habits and preferences will impact the way all consumers respond to marketing—making it increasingly important to stay one step ahead of their needs. Taking the time to understand Gen Z will make crafting messages for them easier, and it will allow you to become a leader in meeting not only their needs, but the shifting needs of the generations around them as well.




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