Go Digital to Reach Remote Audiences

Feb 17, 2021 | 212 Articles, Buyer Persona, Customers, Remote Working, Strategy

Digital communication has been growing in popularity for years, but there was a significant surge in 2020. This evolution has required organizations to tap into creative advertising opportunities that will reach audiences that spend most of their time working remotely. Our eBook discusses some crucial tactics for reaching your virtual target market.

The coronavirus pandemic motivated increased usage of digital platforms. Left with nothing else to do, 41% of people reported streaming more TV shows, 32% of people spent more time on social media, and 10% of people tuned into more podcasts. As people invest in digital media, the opportunities for advertisers grow.

Importantly, the increase in usage didn’t just happen during typical primetime hours. Regardless of the medium—podcasts, streaming services, etc.—the majority of consumers reported partaking in these behaviors during the workday. Advertisers are no longer limited to late evenings and early mornings. Companies should plan to reach consumers at atypical times.

What does your audience want most? Find out in our eBook.

While the varying time slots provide more opportunities for engagement, only the businesses with the most memorable messages will stand out in the noise of the digital world. To deliver winning content, you must first understand your audience. What do they want most? How can your services meet that need? If you need help identifying your buyer persona, set up a free strategy session with our experts.

Digital initiatives offer various tracking and analytics features that more traditional channels do not. As a result, a key strategy involves remarketing to prospects you’ve already reached. By tracking who visits your website, where they go, and what they view, you can design specific messages that will keep them moving along the marketing funnel.

It takes more than one touch from your company to make an impact. Remarketing will ultimately lead to more leads and growth in revenue. Analyzing data and launching a remarketing campaign is overwhelming—but we can help. Set up a consultation with our team.

Engaging remote audiences is the key to your company’s success through the next decade. Whether they’re ordering groceries or attending virtual meetings, consumers are spending more and more time online. If you’re going to meet them where they are, you need a creative digital strategy. Read our eBook to see how you can stay ahead of the curve.

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