Guiding Small Businesses Through the Purchase Funnel

Aug 14, 2019 | 212 Articles, Business, Community, Marketing, Small Business

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are taxing. Time, money, and daily tasks dictate the owners’ lives—and success sustains their motivation. If you hope to win them as clients, meeting them on their terms is imperative.

You can’t always know where SMB buyers will be in the purchase funnel when they first hear of your brand. Your task is to understand their journeys and create content for each stage. Utilize strategic calls to action (CTAs) to usher leads through logical steps toward purchasing your product or service.

The Top of the Funnel: Nurture Tomorrow’s Buyers Today
Only a small fraction of your SMB audience may be ready to buy, so earn their trust and establish credibility first—at the top of the funnel. The best way to invest in potential SMB clients is to address topics that are relevant to their needs and your mission, product-related business solutions that educate and inform. Include best practices and real-world consumer stories that show the positive results that your current customers are already achieving.

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The Middle of the Funnel: Get to the Point
In the middle of the funnel, your goal is to accelerate prospects’ journey toward closing the deal. Make your content more product-aligned now, focusing on FAQs and specific competitive advantages, benefits, and features. Don’t add work to their lives. At this stage, you need to fine-tune your messaging to emphasize solutions. Be concise.

The Bottom of the Funnel: Guide Them to the Finish Line
Once you have reached the bottom of the funnel, address questions and barriers that might arise just before the point of purchase. At this final position in the funnel, you must work closely with your sales and customer service teams; they will know which objections surface the most. Deliver reassuring content with a familiar, welcoming tone. Close the deal!

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