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Mar 19, 2013 | Blogs, Communication, Customer Service

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Although some businesses choose to not put particular emphasis on establishing relationships with customers or community, the importance of connecting with your community and as many potential customers and clients as possible cannot be overstated. The way in which you establish these relationships can be done in so many ways, which is what makes businesses unique and the brand or service experience special to the customers. Without needing to be said, a business that is attempting to reach customers needs to get directly involved within the community for its efforts to be as effective as possible. However, there is also another great  avenue that companies can utilize to engage their clients in an interesting, interactive, informative, and entertaining way. Ironically, this technique is what I’m using right now as I write this blog: Engaging Your Online Community.

Here at 212 Media Studios, we put special emphasis on making our business known through our involvement in the community. Not only do we experience variety from our wide range of clients with similar and differing needs, wants, and aspirations, but we also facilitate versatility in the company by choosing to incorporate multiple methods of reaching our clients. Specifically, we put sufficient importance on 212 Media Studios’ activity online, especially through our company blog that all employees take an active role in maintaining. Through the company’s blog, we incorporate our individual personalities into keeping the community and anyone interested up to date with us what is happening in our company, ways to make your company more efficient, tips on social media practices, blogs strictly for entertainment, and much, much more. Although we may not always be communicating directly with customers this way, we are offering anyone the opportunity to communicate with us about our blogs, and, whether or not we receive direct responses, we are staying in touch with our company’s audience constantly in a refreshing and interesting way.

Despite having a myriad of benefits, establishing, building, and maintaining an online community is not an easy task and requires thoughtful planning and time. When considering how to effectively initiate an online community for your business, here are some easy tips to remember:

Make it relevant to your brand

That does not mean your online experience cannot be fun; just remember that it reflects your business. Convey what you want customers to know about your business creatively, and be thoughtful in the way you relate your business to your community.

Be consistent and stay up to date

If you want your customers to consistently follow you online, stay up to date. Also, make your content fresh and interesting to read. If you are not interested in what you are posting, your customers probably will not take interest either.

Experiment and try new things

Have fun! Let your creativity flow and spark an interest in your customers and potential clients.

Do your research on your audience

Figure out what people like to know, and go with it! Pay attention to the demands of your community and watch how much easier it is to catch and keep their attention.

Versatility within a business only makes it stronger. With a society that is implementing new ways to communicate all the time, there are so many ways to get involved and put your business on the map. Online activity is a cheap and effective way to convey information to thousands upon thousands of people instantly and can be interesting, informative, and fun, if done effectively!

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