How to Get Maximum Brand Exposure

Oct 29, 2012 | Marketing, Social Media, Traditional Marketing

All companies want their products and logo in front of the consumer the most! Pepsi wants to make more impressions and get more exposure than Coke to try and get more market share. It makes sense right?

The question then becomes "How do I get maximum exposure?" Or, even better, "How do I get maximum exposure on a minimum budget?"

Let's consider the options.

Traditional marketing – Billboards, signs, print marketing, television commercials, radio etc. These options are usually the most costly but also offer a large audience.

Billboards reach people along highways and roads all the time, but they can be very expensive to rent.

Postcards can be mailed right to potential customers mailboxes, but again they are costly to print and postage can be very epensive.

Television commercials can reach a large audience. According to a New York Daily article from September 2012 US adults spend about 34 hours a week watching TV. However, TV commercial spots are very expensive and can offer less exposure than predicted because people change the channel or leave the room during the commercial breaks.

Social Marketing –Social media sites, user review sites and check in sites. These options are often free or very cheap and meet the younger generation of customers but can miss a large group of potential clients.

Social media sites can build brand awareness and brand trust between your brand and people on the sites. More people now visit Facebook for company information than the company's website. Having an accurate and appealing presence on these sites is important. However, many baby boomers don't use these sites at all so using this method alone would miss a large market.

User review sites offer people an opportunity for your customers to share about their experience with you. Most of these are free to use and sign up for and can offer great insight into your business through real experiences. However, fake posts are becomming an issue on these types of sites. See our post "Are Online Reviews Trustworthy?"for more information.

The best way to get maximum exposure on a minimum budget is to have a plan! Don't haphazardly spend money on different outlets trying to get exposure. Often times this will lead to inconsistent and poor marketing efforts that will hurt your brand more than help it. It is crucial that your marketing pieces from billbords, to print and television to social media all meet the same design standards. Colors, fonts, logos everthing has to be consistent. No exceptions unless you want to confuse customers… which would be a unique marketing strategy to say the least!

If you don't have design standards or a consistent, modern brand we can help with that any time just get in touch with us.

Once you have design standards in place formulate a plan. Decide when you want to do each type of advertising. Is there a big new product launch you want to make known? Do you want to have a big Christmas time sale and save major marketing dollars for that? Or, is an evenly distributed strategy the most effective plan for you? Be sure you take time to think through a plan of action for your marketing dollars; you may find they go a lot further.

There is no "one size fits all" for allocating marketing dollars over different marketing strategies. The most important thing to remember is to have a decided plan. I recommend using a pulsing strategy. This strategy starts by using all marketing channels at once to innundate the market with your information and advertisements. As I like to say, "cover the city with your brand."

Phase two of this plan requires detailed planning. Begin by clearing your marketing pieces from most marketing channels, but leave one or two channels intact. Then, use a pulsing strategy across all the marketing channels to make it appear as though you are still all over the city even though you have scaled back your spending. This can be done by running a radio ad for a set time period and during another time only running a TV ad. For a third time period focus on Social Media ads. And then finally focus time and money on sending a mailer or post card.

The idea is to keep your message in front of the consumer at all times andnot break the bank by being consistent, developing a plan and keeping your message in front of the consumer.

How do you maximize your company exposure? Do you have questions or comments? Ask us below!

Dustin Hickle
Media Specialist

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