How to Get Your Message in Their Hands

Jan 10, 2014 | Apps, Communication, Content Generation, Marketing, Mobile, Sales, Technology

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Timing is everything. This is especially true today, as everything changes so quickly. Remember those videos on YouTube that were funny last week? I don’t—if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Getting your message out at the right time is important.

As a business, you may try emailing, but this isn’t always the most efficient way to reach customers in a timely matter. How frequently do you really check your email? Probably not as often as your phone’s text messages or app alerts. How can your business utilize cell phones for marketing purposes?

Text Marketing

Texting is great, but isn’t it person-to-person? Not anymore. Many programs allow businesses to reach customers instantly. We offer TxtConnect, which allows personal messages to be sent to groups of customers. That means they get your text within minutes. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to wonder if customers will remember that you’re having a sale when they’re shopping this weekend. Instead, just shoot them a friendly reminder, maybe with an extra incentive.

Mobile Apps

An app can be a great way for your customers to accomplish tasks without visiting a webpage or contacting you with questions. Set up a payment portal through an app—easy enough. This not only creates value for you, but also adds brand recognition. It is something people will talk about.

Be Careful

Text marketing requires the consumer to opt in. Providing something of value (not spam) will prevent them from opting out. Your messages need to be concise and limited to 160 characters. Keep it simple and provide important information.

Cell phones are the easiest way for customers to share information with businesses and friends. If you are doing the right campaign, some people may share your message. That means additional marketing you don’t have to do anything for, except sending the customer the message at the right time. Make sure all of your mobile marketing has value for your customers. Keep them attracted and wanting more.

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