How to Grow Your Business’ Reputation

Apr 18, 2014 | Reputation

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Whether you’re a brand new business or a well established company, growing a positive reputation is vital for success. It is a key factor in any business plan—to gain customers and provide a quality product or service that meets their needs and wants.

This process takes time and effort. It requires monitoring, managing, and influencing what is being said about your business. Here are three ways to help your rising company dominate the best possible reputation:

Build Credibility from the Bottom Up

Every business has promotions, sales pitches, or advertisements that explain what it is about, and its products and services. However, “talking the talk” must also include “walking the walk.” If your own employees are unclear on what the company offers and values, it will cause uncertainty among the target market. Make sure all staff members are on board with the company’s vision and credibility.

Also remember to deliver what you promise to current customers before jumping ahead to leads. You want the image of your business to be positive and stand out from other similar organizations. Do this by gaining the trust of present clientele. If you continue to follow through with customers, they will likely keep coming back. This plants a seed for each customer—every time he comes in he will be satisfied.

Be Responsive and Reliable

A solid foundation of communication is needed in any B2C (business-to-consumer) relationship. Three ways to ensure this are to:

1. Deliver communication effectively and relevantly.

Find the best possible ways to reach your desired target market. All information needs to be understandable and on-task. Be attentive to your customers’ communication preferences.

2. Respond to complaints quickly.

This shows that you care enough to tend to your customers’ issues. Most people appreciate having their problems fixed quickly and effectively. This also boosts word-of-mouth marketing if the customer with the complaint tells others how well he was treated—thus, making your business stand out.

3. Own up to your mistakes with humility.

Everyone makes mistakes, even the most successful businesses. When you mess up, take responsibility for it. This shows the customer you are willing to make corrections by understanding and fixing any error you make.

Offer Exceptional Value

A main goal of any business is to provide exceptional value by selling its products or services. Sometimes offering remarkable value goes beyond merchandise, perhaps going into a community project or customer reward program. The significance of a business should extend beyond what it provides. Giving back to the community is as much a marketing tool as it is a chance to show your customers that you care for others. Rewarding clients is also good way to show them new experiences and benefits with your business.

All of these tips can help a business grow a positive reputation and make connections with customers to keep them coming back for more!

Peter Shepherd
Assistant Community Manager

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