How to Market to a Teenager

May 21, 2013 | Communication, Creativity, Facebook, Marketing, Social Media

Marketing to Teenagers

Despite a wide variety of marketing strategies, one of the most difficult groups to market to remains: teenagers (ages 13 through 19). While there are plenty of tried-and-true marketing tactics, the most effective way to reach a teenager is with social media. Since social media has become a huge part of the average teen’s life, it is a largely efficient tool. The three most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. In order to properly market to teens, follow these three steps.

Step 1: Adjust Your Tone

Many of you have probably heard—or used—the phrase, “Watch that tone, young lady/man!” As a marketer, if you are not careful, teenagers may turn the table and berate you for taking the wrong tone with them. According to Forrester Research, of the 50% of teenagers who use Facebook, only 6% actually “like” business fan pages. This is likely because the marketers do not use the correct language and tone. Teenagers want businesses to be fans of them, not the other way around.  They like pages that are relevant and beneficial to their own lives. So, when you market to teenagers, remember to adjust your tone and focus on what you can do for them.  Then they will be more likely to pay attention to you on social media.

Step 2: Incorporate Content Creation

Most teenagers are “do-ers.” They like to engage in some kind of activity.  On social media, most teenagers like to upload pictures, music, and videos to their favorite sites. According to a recent study by Scientific Commons, 64% of online teenagers post some type of content. Therefore, in order to capitalize on this trend, incorporate content creation opportunities on your business pages. Allow teenagers to upload pictures or videos of your products, or ask them to submit their ideas for promotions or improvements, and hold a few contests. This type of involvement is appealing to a younger crowd.

Step 3: Get in the Game

Many teens find themselves spending hours on Facebook.  This goes beyond connecting with friends and family.  Facebook offers countless games to play, such as FarmVille, Bejeweled Blitz, and Foursquare. Because of this, teenagers are exposed to more time with Facebook advertisements. Take the proven concept of gaming rewards and apply it to the teenagers you are targeting. Even something as simple as a social media contest that pits players against one another will do the trick. Get them involved—and make sure your brand gains exposure in the process.

Simply put, teenagers use the internet—specifically social media. Through well-planned social media strategies, your business can successfully market to the younger generation.

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