How Using Internet Explorer Hurts Productivity

Jun 3, 2013 | Creativity, PayProMedia, Productivity, User Review, Web Development, Websites

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A few weeks ago, Toby reviewed Internet Explorer.  Today, he continues on this subject from the perspective of a web developer.

In the web development community, it’s well known that Internet Explorer (IE) has a multitude of rendering problems. Resolving these issues takes a significant amount of development time and can only be done on a Windows computer (or a Windows virtual computer). Oftentimes, when fixing IE issues, other problems are created for other web browsers.

How does this hurt productivity? Up to 30 percent of development time is spent working on cross browser compatibility. What if developers could instead use this time creating new features, websites, or improving current features? Couldn’t we make some cool things happen? (Or send the developers home early?) Just to put this in perspective: 30 percent of a week is 12 hours. That’s a day and a half per week!

Since IE is only available on Windows devices (and is rife with problems) it makes sense for us to do our part to remove IE, rather than a different browser. Using Windows, your options are Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Opera. Others are available, but these are the “big boys.” These browsers are also available on other operating systems like Apple’s OSX. Chrome is also an option for iOS and Android. (There’s even a version for Ubuntu Linux.)

So, if you want to see more from your friendly neighborhood web developer (or cheaper rates), do your part to get rid of IE and tell your friends so they can help, too.

Toby Chin
Digerati Director
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