How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

Sep 29, 2013 | Brand, Creativity, Graphic Design

Rare or well done? Ordinary or memorable? Good enough or impressive?

Most small businesses have enough on their plates. They have books to balance, customers to please, and employees to motivate. Marketing is important, but often not prioritized. They want to look good, but they may not have the time or money to invest in great design.

Today, let’s look at the bigger picture. Why is great graphic design crucial to your business? After talking with other designers in the office, we all came to the same conclusion: most clients don’t even realize their need for great graphic design until they’ve gotten it.

Think about it. Anyone can open a blank Word document, type a few things in a fun font, add some clip art, and print off a poster in minutes. But what does this say about your brand? Does it depict you as relevant to your target audience? Does it set your brand apart from surrounding messages? (Check out this article about making your content stand out.)

Look at the following ads I put together. Both are simple and publicize the same fictional event. But which one catches your eye? Which looks more inviting?

Coffee by the lake ad Coffee by the lake ad

Lots of fonts, colors, and pictures are often the beginner’s instinct. It takes experience to know that this usually doesn’t work. Sometimes less is more. (Other times, bold is best.)

To have a professional image, you need to find a professional designer. Look for an artist who has plenty of experience and a complex knowledge of design programs. Check out portfolios and past projects. Go with someone who knows what works and what doesn’t—someone who will meet your marketing needs and engage your target audience. Then, trust your designer!

It all comes down to this: great design gives you a great image. From posters and billboards to websites and apps, your image should be relevant, consistent, and professional. First impressions are vital—make yours a notch above the others. Stand out, engage your audience, and watch your brand grow.

Questions about graphic design or marketing? We’d love to hear from you. 212 Media Studios has many skilled designers who help businesses look their best every day.

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Crystal Horner
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