Igniting Your Marketing with Video

Aug 20, 2015 | Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Video, YouTube

Nothing energizes a sales force like a new marketing tool—well, with the exception of a bonus or a sales incentive. But the point remains: Adding a new arrow to your marketing quiver gives a sales team another way to communicate a product or service advantage. A marketing miracle takes place, leading to engaged call lists, greater awareness among existing clients, and dare I say it—a ringing cash register.

Video can put the spring back into your promotional step. A well-planned production brings attention to your product line, introduces new features, and provides customer solutions. Putting your product/service in motion makes prospects more likely to stay engaged. A recent Forbes.com article cited that 59 percent of senior executives agree that if both text and video on the same topic are available on the same page, they prefer to watch the video. Even the sharing of video by executives shows similar statistics. The marketing ripple effect of video is indeed impressive, as social media platforms multiply the impact of video found in one venue and exposed in many more.

If the “stop, look, and share” nature of video doesn’t impress you enough, then consider that 52 percent of marketing professionals name video as the content with the best ROI, according to ReelnReel.com. (Getting over half of marketing professionals to agree on anything is quite an endorsement!)

More than just pictures in motion, a well-made video reinforces the value of a product or service and denotes quality. It is storytelling that brings the best features of audio, visual, and even musical communication together, and it’s the emotive quality of this combination that can evoke a positive response.

So, how do you make this highly effective tool work marketing wonders? For starters, don’t hide it. After a video project is launched in its intended application, the temptation is to forget it and move on. The real challenge is getting even more for your video investment by finding more audiences. Once it goes on your website and your YouTube channel, consider how this tool can be used via social media, email blasts, dealer applications, tradeshows, inbound marketing campaigns, personalized showings, local and regional media, etc.

Here are some examples of 212 Media Studios’ clients who have used video effectively and in multiple applications:


Lebermuth quote: “It’s perfect. Seriously…I’ve watched it about a million times this weekend and cry every time! It’s just absolutely beautiful. I cannot thank you enough.”

Applications: website, tradeshow, email, YouTube


uLead quote: “We were thrilled with the results of our partnership with 212. They really captured the heart of our business. The videos they produced for us were top-notch and a fantastic representation of why we do what we do.”

Applications: website, YouTube, social media, personalized showings


Kropf quote: The videos have been instrumental in presenting our product to potential customers. Often, it is difficult for a customer to visualize their park model by simply looking at drawings and numbers on a piece of paper. The videos provide a means of bringing the units to life. The productions have been utilized on our website, social media and several trade shows by our dealers. We have been very pleased with the quality and effectiveness the videos have brought in representing our product.”

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