Improve Your Marketing Efforts by Meeting a Need

Sep 3, 2014 | Marketing

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If someone in marketing says, “It’s how we’ve always done it,” we usually respond with a raised eyebrow. But some traditional marketing techniques still gain great results.

Let’s talk about one of these tried and true techniques: Meeting a need.

Businesses exist because a consumer need was identified and a solution was found through a product or service. But how do you communicate that you’re meeting a need in your advertising? Here are three techniques:

Show you understand.

When you understand where your customers are coming from, you can structure everything in your marketing strategy— colors, fonts, and quality content—to best catch the attention of your target market. To better understand:

  • Talk to customers and ask questions.
  • Listen to how they wish a need could be met.
  • Understand why this need even exists.
  • Determine what holds a consumer back from relieving the need.
  • Know what the expectations are for the need to be met.
  • Identify how you can make it easier for this need to be met.

Check out this commercial that effectively communicates an understanding of the consumer:

New Peanut Butter Cheerios presents: #HowToDad

Understand that you’ll never be done with this task. For best results, this should be an ongoing conversation with customers.

Create a sentimental bond.

A deep bond is created whenever someone responds to you with “Yes, you get me! I’m not the only one dealing with this.” Creating a sentimental bond within your marketing efforts reveals to your consumers that they are not alone, the need is understood, and you can meet it.

Watch this scene from Mad Men to see how Don Draper dramatically explains this point.

To see this put into practice, watch this Super Bowl 2014 commercial:


Create a story.

Here at 212 Media Studios, we have an equation: Story + Marketing + Reputation = Brand. Without a story with which your consumers can identify, you don’t have the foundation of the equation. When you create a story using the sentimental bond, the combined effort can have increased results. For example, think of those commercials that tell a short story, like:

The Force: Volkswagen Commercial

Or that tell the business’ story:

Coco – Inside Chanel

How can you tell your story better?

When you keep focused on meeting a need, the customer becomes your company’s number one priority.

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