Inbound Marketing: The Basics

May 27, 2014 | Inbound Marketing

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If you follow our blog, you’ve probably heard us use the buzz phrase “inbound marketing.” Maybe you’re interested, but not sure how it works. Inbound marketing is the process of organically drawing in visitors from your target market. Unlike invasive sales tactics, it helps you bring people to your company through these five stages:

1. Attract Traffic.

Create interest in your company through social media, blogs, email, and local activities/sponsored events. These are all effective ways to start increasing traffic coming to your small business.

2. Convert Visitors to Leads.

Gather contact information through CTAs (calls-to-action), like downloadable resources, giveaways, etc. You will at the least want their names and email addresses. This data is the most valuable information for online marketing.

3. Convert Leads to Sales.

Reacting to leads in real time is very important and critical to maximizing conversion rates. Your potential leads are looking for quick answers. The faster they get them, the better their view of your company—thus, you have a higher chance of getting sales.

4. Turn Customers into Repeat, Higher-Margin Customers.

Provide stellar customer service and stay in touch. Just because they have already bought does not mean you should forget about them. You could also implement a loyalty program to keep your customers wanting to come back for more.

5. Analyze Continuous Improvement.

Keep track of your progress and what marketing strategies work, so you’re always aware of what your customers like and don’t like. Be prepared to adjust so you can help them in any way.

“The inbound way” is all about providing remarkable content to your users, whether they’re visitors, leads, or existing clients. Through this, you create more visitors, leads, and repeat customers. Inbound marketing is an essential part of getting people attracted to your small business and helping you bring in more customers.

Storm Stapleton
Assistant Community Manager

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