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Sep 26, 2013 | HTML, Technology, Web Development, Websites

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What is HTML?

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) has a deep and rich history in web design. The concept for HTML was established in the early 1940s. The HTML we know today was based on another markup language called Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) from the mid-80s. Now, HTML elements are the building blocks of every website.

HTML provides the general layout and structure of a website. Additional languages, such as CSS and Javascript, assist in the styling and functionality of the website.

How does HTML work?

The example below shows HTML formatting plain text. Line 1 declares that the document is an HTML document. Line 2 starts the main body of the document, where the body of the document will be placed. As you see on lines 4 to 9 there is an HTML element <p> and if you look to the end of these lines you see </p>. This indicates that the lines are paragraphs. The <p> tells the computer that a new paragraph is starting. The </p> indicates that the paragraph has ended.

HTML document example

The tags <b></b>, <strong></strong> both make the text bold. As you can see, these tags also have a starting point and an end point. This is standard with HTML <open Tag></close Tag>. In lines six and seven, the tags <em></em>  and <i></i>  italicize text. The tag <small></small>  makes the text small. On line nine you see two very similar tags <sub></sub> and <sup></sup>  the first is subscript and the second is superscript. The HTML shown in this example displays as you see in the image below.

Text formatted with HTML

This is a very basic look into HTML text formatting.

How do you start coding HTML documents?

If you are interested in learning HTML in more depth you can try the w3schools tutorials. If you are looking for a more personal touch feel free to send me emails at In the next article I’ll show you some forms and how that code looks and displays on screen.

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