Knowing and Sharing Your Brand

Oct 25, 2017 | Blogs, Brand, Communication, Marketing, Reputation, storytelling, Strategy

At 212 Media Studios, we see brand as a properly executed equation: story + marketing + reputation = brand. Before you can introduce your brand to the world, you need to understand each facet of the equation.

Writing out your story helps you remember why you got started and what your company values. Analyzing your marketing efforts portrays how effectively you’re sharing your story and message. Finally, by asking your customers what they think about you, you can discover your true reputation—and adjust accordingly.  When you’re confident in your brand’s identity and your goals within the industry, you’re ready to share it with the rest of the world.

To successfully publicize your brand to gain awareness, leads, and even new customers, you should take advantage of several key avenues:

Social Media

Social media keeps your brand on the minds of your followers—and their friends. Show your personal side and your business expertise by engaging with users about important, interesting, or even endearing content. Choose the platforms that are most used by your customers or ideal buyers.


Start blogging! Write about your values, purpose, and, perhaps most importantly, expertise on key industry topics. If you become a recognizable source for solutions, help, and information, your readership will grow.


An email campaign creates a sense of openness and transparency, letting readers feel more involved. Strategize the sending times, formats, and content. Keep customers/clients up to date on your business, products, and special offers.


Print is not dead. Consider your context and audience. Whether through local sponsoring of events, press releases, specialty mailers, or even billboards, print pieces should weave together the components of your brand and marketing strategy.


Your website should broadcast your story and be a visual representation of your brand, values, products, and services. If someone comes across your page, he or she should immediately get a feel for your brand and goals. Your website can also be a great lead generator through CTAs, such as free eBooks, whitepapers, or infographic downloads in exchange for contact details. And remember, your site should be mobile-friendly and intuitive to navigate.

If you commit to fully knowing and sharing your brand, you’ll engage more leads and encourage your customers to become brand ambassadors.

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