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Jul 29, 2013 | Brand, Communication, Customer Service

Areas of customer feedback

We recently talked about how crucial customer feedback is. Every aspect of your business is affected by how customers feel about your product or service. You can attract potential clients in a number of ways, such as advertising, price point, need, and product quality. But the big question is: how do you determine what matters most to the client? This is where customer feedback comes into play.

You must be creative and find innovative ways to get customers involved. Because every company is different, the process of gathering reviews will vary. Getting feedback can be expensive, but the potential sales leads trump the cost.

You can acquire customer input in a number of effective ways:

Social Media

The fastest-growing form of customer interaction is social media. With sites like Facebook and Twitter, gathering data has never been so affordable and efficient. You can interact with your audience quickly and effectively. This also allows you to build a positive image in the eyes of potential customers.


Newsletters and websites provide great means to collect input from your customers. Invite them to provide opinions and reviews on your product or service. Adding an incentive (like a free gift card for a randomly-drawn winner) can encourage participation.


Talking with your employees can yield beneficial information. They are an extension of your business, and their advice and experiences are valuable. Open communication between your staff should be encouraged. Your employees may overhear customers complaining about the music playing in your store or the cost of a product. This can tell you which areas need improvement. Whether positive or negative, feedback is part of making your business adaptable.

Focus Groups and Observation

Traditional methods of gathering data should not be overlooked. Focus groups and studies may cost your company a little bit, but they allow customers to be completely honest with you about your business.

Listening to your customers is necessary for you to succeed. How do you ensure feedback and improvements?

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