Is Your Logo a Hit? 3 Factors to Consider

Sep 22, 2015 | Brand, Business, Inbound Marketing, Logo, Marketing

Your logo is often the first encounter a prospective customer has with your company. It’s on your letterhead, TV commercials, direct mail pieces, and social media accounts—not to mention on your product packaging. A customer should see your logo and company name and immediately feel a connection between your product and your logo.

People should engage with you and trust your quality. They should understand your culture and your commitment to delivering the best product or service possible. Your logo is a representation of your entire brand. Remember—everything is marketing.

So is your logo a hit, or did you whiff? Start by asking yourself these three questions.

  1. Is your logo modern? When was the last time you refreshed your logo? If it still looks the same as it did when the first iPhone came out, it’s been too long! Your customers want to know that you are a current and relevant company that puts effort into keeping high standards. Old logos immediately show poor quality, whether the product is the best or not. Imagine if a Tennessee Titans linebacker took the field in a Houston Oilers “throwback” jersey when his teammates were all wearing the current design? He would stand out in a negative way, looking old and faded.
  2. Is your logo simple? Too much variation and color can be negative. Simplicity is your friend. Your logo should convey your message, but you also have a website, brochures, and other marketing outlets to tell customers exactly what you do in a longer form. Focus on simplicity with your logo—think the Indianapolis Colts horseshoe.
  3. Is your logo memorable? Yes, you want your logo to stand out, but it should also be usable as a marketing/branding tool. Is it something you’d be proud to put on your product or on your salesmen’s shirts? In many cases, your product quality and marketing efforts make your logo memorable, but if it’s too similar to something else, or too complex, it won’t be memorable. Consider a logo as iconic as the Nike “swoosh.” It doesn’t mean a thing to a person who doesn’t know Nike—but with the company’s successful marketing, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t recognize what that icon represents.

Of course, creating a logo includes a variety of factors and input from many people. But remember that the best logos in the world truly mean something. They are modern, simple, and memorable symbols of the organizations they represent. Make sure your logo is something that represents you!

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