Make it Appear Like Dumb Luck

Mar 26, 2015 | 212 Media Studios

Do you ever look at your competitors and wonder, “How in the world are they making that happen?” Chances are there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.

To make your competition stand in awe of your business, you need to work hard. You’ll leave them questioning how you are so fortunate, or “lucky,” to have such opportunities to do the great things for your customers. This comes down to three action steps:

  1. Take Risks and Don’t Settle.

During an interview on CNBC, Shark Tank host Barbara Corcoran states that 90% of entrepreneurs fail within their first year. Corcoran cites the courageous attitude combined with innocent naiveté that young entrepreneurs possess, which makes them triumphant. “The odds are stacked against them,” she says. Corcoran claims it’s either those who are dumb or courageous who are willing to step out and take risks. She ends by commending Americans who get back up and brush themselves off after failing, which is a rare trait among declining entrepreneurs. With high risk comes high reward.

  1. Be Proactive—Don’t Just Leave it to Luck.

Any successful entrepreneur knows that you must actively and boldly pursue your mission and goals. Clearly define the purpose of your company, and you will be more effective at meeting the needs of your audience. Get involved in the community and sponsor local events to represent your business in a unique and creative light, while also promoting your name and image. When consumers perceive your active involvement and efforts, your credibility and reputation will increase. Bottom line: be proactive in all your business practices.

  1. Make Your Success Appear Effortless

Think of it like this: The “smart kid in class” who always gets an A, who everyone is jealous of, never seems like he’s trying that hard. In reality, he spends hours of long nights reading, studying, and working to be the best he can. Yet, we only see their classroom achievements and believe it all comes naturally.

You see, “dumb luck” really isn’t all that dumb. Hard work pays off. With the right game plan—one that’s creative and strategic—your competitors must do nothing short of collect horseshoes and four-leaf clovers in desperate hopes that they can compete with your business’ incredible operations and services.

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