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Sep 16, 2013 | Creativity, Customer Service, Marketing, Productivity

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Price matters, but quality is king. If you want your products and services to stand out in today’s marketplace, you must be intentional and creative. How can you show people that your business is better than the rest?

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took a weekend getaway on the shores of Lake Michigan. Due to busy schedules, we only had one night and day for our adventure, but we were determined to make the most of it. After researching online, we had our eyes on a new, somewhat pricey resort. (Fortunately, we found a fantastic deal on its Facebook page and took advantage—which is a great social media strategy.)

What drew us to this place was not a brand name—it’s not a franchise. It didn’t use fancy, over-the-top marketing. Its website isn’t flashy. What sold us were the unique details and services the resort offered. We read lots of online reviews explaining how the staff worked diligently to make guests’ experiences as perfect as possible. From pre-ordered breakfast in bed to free bicycle and beach chair rentals, this resort offered services that its competitors lacked. The positive ratings reflected the success of the staff’s dedication. Now my husband and I also speak highly of this establishment and recommend it to friends.

The moral of the story? The quality of your services is critical to your brand reputation. A great marketing strategy is important, but you must take the next step. Do whatever it takes to ensure positive experiences for your clients. Be intentional, personable, and caring. Make sure your product or service consistently lives up to its claims—going above and beyond the status quo in your industry.

Here are a few questions to answer when establishing business goals and services:

  • What will set us apart from the others?
  • What will make our services better than our competitors’?
  • What can we offer that our competitors don’t?
  • How will we go above customers’ expectations?
  • How will we ensure positive, personalized experiences for our customers?
  • How will we market the quality of our services?
  • How will we evaluate and maintain these goals?

Standing out among the masses can be difficult. It takes time and dedication to excellence. But it’s worth it!

What tips do you have? How have you been impressed (or unimpressed) by your interactions with businesses?

Crystal Horner
Content Specialist
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