Make Your Whole Workplace a Content Team

Jun 2, 2014 | Content Marketing

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Here at 212 Media Studios, we call our group of writers (of which I am a part) the content team. What do we do? We blog, script, edit, research, brainstorm—if it uses words, we have a hand in it. But one of our biggest functions is crafting the content you’ll find in a 212 Media Studios-powered inbound marketing campaign.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Even though we’re the officially designated content team, it’s vitally important that every other department at 212 Media Studios is a part of our content production.

Sure, we know how to write and edit. We know when to insert a hyphen or omit it. We know the differences between less than, fewer than, and under. But with our entire organization—leadership, sales, motion media, creative, social media, and yes, content—all sold out to content production, we achieve more than our team of five writers could ever achieve on our own.

Check out this blog by Scott, our motion media director. He uses layman’s terms to explain different types of camera lenses. I could have found some of that technical information and put it into a blog, but there’s no way I could imitate Scott’s years of motion media experience.

It’s the same situation with this blog by Marketing Advisor Paul Kent, in which he explains how to calculate the lifetime value of a customer. Let’s face it—not many writers are huge fans of math.

If you take some time to involve your entire workplace in content creation, you might be amazed at the results. Here are three ways to empower your non-writer co-workers to become awesome contributors:

  1. Explain How Their Expertise is Relevant.
Information pertaining to their jobs can be turned into valuable content in the eyes of the right audience. Recognize their potential for quality input.
  2. Train Them to Focus on Your Buyer Persona.
Everybody has valuable content to share, but it’s important to understand what information is relevant to which audience.
  3. Be Available for Collaboration.

It’ll be difficult to involve everyone in your content strategy if you don’t break down those walls of communication between departments! Offer your time to brainstorm and help build the foundation of their content creation.

How do you include your staff to ensure your content reaches its full potential?

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