March 2015 in Review

Mar 31, 2015 | 212 Media Studios

Playing off the theme of “luck” this March, we’ve had a lot of fun diving into a variety of marketing topics on our blog…with a twist.

Of course, we think you should check out all eight of our posts from this month. Here’s a preview of each:

13 Ways to Change Your Business’ Bad Luck – This post provides 13 ways you can change your fate and move your business onto greener pastures if you’re experiencing a season of bad luck. These include recognizing that you’re normal, circling the wagons, sharpening your focus, realizing repetition is required, and more.

The 4-Leaf Clover of Marketing Strategy – Using the four-leaf clover as a foundation, Dustin explains the four sides of marketing that create a whole. Don’t miss this one.

Turning Bad Luck into Good Business Habits – This fun post creatively flips five bad-luck superstitions on their heads, just as you can flip bad luck into business habits that help you thrive. One of my favorites of the month!

7 Luck-of-the-Irish Steps to Success – Ashley pulls out all the stops as she shares how to follow all the colors of the rainbow to reach the pot of gold: business success. This post is packed full of helpful information that can be read in just a few minutes.

Pure Luck: Take Advantage of Opportunities  – One of our interns discusses how to take full advantage when good luck comes your way—instead of continuing the status quo because it’s your comfort zone. Seize the day, read this one, and thrive!

Overnight Success, Hard Work, and Luck – We so love “overnight success” stories. But this isn’t the norm. The norm is paying your dues, working faithfully, and not counting on luck. Crystal offers inspiring motivation for you to keep up the hard work.

Don’t Leave it to Luck: The Value of Hard Work – Community Manager Jeff shares a recent discussion he had with a client. My favorite quote from it is, “Rarely is success a matter of being in the right place at the right time. More often, it has more to do with the convergence of hard work, great ideas, and personal connection that lead to true success…and perhaps some lucky opportunities.” Go on, click the link to read what led up to this.

Make it Appear Like Dumb Luck  – Another intern shares three actions steps you can take to help your hard work look like you’re having a string of good luck. Leave your competition wondering how you do it!

We’re looking forward to sharing our hearts and passions with you next month, so come back for more. Additionally, check out our blog archive and search for your topic of need/interest.

Here’s goodbye to March, and hello to April (no foolin’)!

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