Marketing Advantage: Big Brand vs. Local Business

Sep 21, 2012 | Brand, Marketing

Big brands market in ways that smaller businesses can’t. A small business has to focus on local markets and slowly expand their brand by finding new customers, providing great service and building a positive reputation through specific and targeted marketing strategies. Big businesses, while still having a specific marketing strategy, can expand their marketing mix to all platforms including corporate sponsorships.

Being an avid golfer myself and with the FedEx cup playoffs happening these last few weeks, I’ve seen corporate sponsorships everywhere. FedEx has the entire playoffs named  for its company! The last four weeks of tournaments have been called “The Barclays”, “The Deutsche Bank Championship”, “The BMW Championship”, and “The Tour Championship by Coca-Cola.”


Big brands have a distinct advantage in specific areas of marketing because of their ability to pay and sponsor events and get their name in front of large numbers of people!

As a small business you have to be smart and wise with your marketing dollars because there may not be much money in the budget for marketing. But as a small business you have the distinct advantage of building relationships with your local customers and being able to provide excellent personal service in ways that big businesses can’t.

Whatever the size of your business be sure to take advantage of your marketing strengths! Let us know what you do to market to your target customers in the comments below.

Dustin Hickle
Media Specialist

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