Marketing Devolution

Jun 25, 2013 | Brand, Creativity, Marketing, PayProMedia


After a new business launch, one of the biggest temptations is to settle into the familiar. The energy and commitment that initially propel an organization to prominence and financial success can be lost. In many cases, the day-to-day grind becomes “good enough.” This can happen operationally or within a marketing strategy.

I call it marketing devolution. It’s the organizational mindset that—instead of aggressively pursuing new markets and prospects—falls back into only servicing existing customers. The expectation is that current success will continue without investing in new ways to reach out.

Often, companies pull back on marketing in times of financial challenge. It is seen as expendable because it seems less necessary than “keeping the lights on.” Although marketing can be fine-tuned to be more efficient in times of financial stress, it should always be considered vital, as it is the primary cash engine that generates sales when monetary resources are needed the most. In fact, study after study has proven that those who continue to market during economic downturns gain market share once the economy recovers.

When marketing devolves in an organization, it’s only a matter of time before its deficit becomes the new normal. With limited or no outbound focus, most businesses view “cutting back” as the only strategy to right the ship. If marketing is substantially reduced or totally cut, the hope of the organization rests on the loyalty of existing customers to maintain current spending levels. Added pressure falls on the sales force to “get out there and sell more!” It’s the equivalent of telling an army to go out and win more battles while cutting back its ammunition.

The visibility that comes with good marketing is an indicator of business health. It lets clientele know the organization is actively earning its business. When a company “falls off the map” with no marketing presence, the converse is true: top-of-mind awareness is gone, and the “deathwatch” rumors begin.

Don’t let the vultures gather. Make the investment in intelligent marketing a high priority. 212 Media Studios can help you do just that.

Jeff Secaur
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