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May 16, 2013 | Marketing, PayProMedia

 marketing. Maketing Uses!

I had the privilege of helping with a video this past month for one of our clients, and it was the first big project (or really any project) I was involved in. And let me be honest; I was not happy this was my first one—I was nervous and stressed the minute my role was explained to me. While the stress and nervousness only increased as I worked on this project, I still learned a few valuable lessons from it.

The first things I learned go hand-in-hand: 1) Marketing isn’t about me, and 2) It’s all about the clients and their respective clientele. Seems obvious, right? But here I was, thinking, “This is such a pain. How am I going to do this? What were they thinking when they came up with this?” This lead me to actually think about what they were thinking, and I realized it was a darn good idea! Yeah, making it happen might be a little tricky, but that’s my job, right? To make their dreams come true… Well, from a business aspect, at least.

The outcome of this video, when it’s all said and done, is going to be pretty cool. And I believe it’s going to have the desired effect on those who see it. That makes all the work worth it. But in the midst of the planning, I was so focused on what I had to do that I wasn’t taking into consideration what the client wanted/needed or the fact that every single person in the video was volunteering his time and talent. They weren’t getting paid to be in it; they were doing it because they believe in what the client is doing. And they truly are doing great things. Who am I to take away from that by making it all about me?

All I did for the project was schedule people for filming times. But getting 40+ people/groups to the right places at the right times (especially with limited options when it came to those times) was harder than it might sound! Which leads me to lesson-learned number 3) communication with the whole team is so important! Again, it might seem obvious, but seeing firsthand the effects of good communication (or lack thereof) makes a much bigger impact than just hearing the words.

Six of us were involved in the execution of this project, but when I started getting overwhelmed by the schedule, I had once again made it about me and had taken my sight off working with the team. I assumed (and we all know what assuming does…) that because one person told me about a date, time, or place that was available, everyone else knew about it. So rather than checking in with everyone first, I went about my business making calls, sending emails, and scheduling filming.

And here’s a little of what happened as a result of my negligence: I double-booked our videographer and sent our team and volunteers to a locked building while it was raining. (Luckily, the team was able to resolve these problems for me. Thanks, guys.) A couple of times I sent the schedule to the rest of the team and got responses like, “I didn’t know we were filming that day. I’ll have to move some things around.” Or, “I can’t make it that day; I had no idea we were filming then.” Seriously, Melissa? Had I been in contact with all of them from the start, I could have saved myself, and them, so much trouble. And I wouldn’t still be kicking myself for handling this project so poorly.

So the moral of the story: Don’t be like me. Remember it’s not about you, focus on your client, and communicate with your team. It will make your life so much easier.

Melissa Katip
Administrative Assistant
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