Marketing in its Simplest Form: A Challenging Reminder

Jul 28, 2016 | 212 Articles, Advertising, Brand, Business, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing

As marketing professionals, we are constantly surrounded by advertising tactics, data analyses, creative strategy meetings, brand standards, graphic design, and more. We can get so caught up in the strategic aspects that we may lose sight of what marketing is in its simplest form. Our goal? In an appealing manner, put your products and services in front of people who want/need to buy them. Simple.

Just because we promote a product in a way that hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it will drive sales. Just because stats tell us a particular marketing channel is effective for gaining leads doesn’t mean it will always work—but we forge ahead with each new campaign.

As much as we think we can influence buying decisions, we can only do as much as our audience allows. Sure, over a long period of time, with consistent advertising, you can create a reputation that positively impacts purchasing decisions overall. However, even long-term strategies can fail if the consumer chooses your competitor’s product over yours when the two are side-by-side on the shelf. Our thoughts on control are, ultimately, delusional.

Why? Because there are people on the other end of our messaging. They aren’t statistics; they are real human beings who make decisions based on any manner of life circumstances, outside influences, or opinions. There are also feelings and emotions—the wild card of all wild cards.

Sometimes we must go back to the basics and remember that we are marketing to people with real needs and wants. From social media to magazine ads, the strategy is always the same. When it’s time to strip your tactics down to the basics, remember: In an appealing manner, put your products and services in front of the people who want/need to buy them.

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