Modern-Day Marketing Proverbs: Graphic Design

Sep 19, 2014 | Graphic Design

Modern day marketing proverbs part 2

Welcome to the second post in our “Modern-Day Marketing Proverbs” series. Today, we’ll look at key truths of graphic design. (If you missed part one about writing and editing, check it out here.)

If space is lacking, all is lost
Visual space is the core of strong design. Too much content—whether images, text, or objects—deters viewers. Layers and textures are great, but never underestimate the power of white space.

Complementary parts create an operative whole
From fonts to color pallets, every piece of the design plays a part in the final product. The ultimate goal is communication and response. If you want your viewers to take action, get their attention with dynamic, well-designed artwork and imagery.

Make clear the path to follow
Everything comes down to user experience (a.k.a. UX)—a term mostly used in regards to websites or apps. But this is applicable even to print designs. How will viewers know which section of text to read first? Does the design follow a logical sequence, clearly providing key ideas and information?

Step back, survey, and succeed
Sometimes the best thing you can do for a project is to take a step back. Come back later to look at it with a fresh perspective. Grab some co-workers to help evaluate your progress. And don’t forget to view your work in various formats: on your computer, on a mobile device, and on paper.

These maxims are only the beginning. Becoming a brilliant and skillful designer takes years of experience, and an extra dose of creativity. You can hold on to these proverbs for the long haul.

Check back soon for part three in this series!

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