Modern-Day Marketing Proverbs: Writing & Editing

Sep 12, 2014 | Marketing

Modern-day marketing proverbs part 1

Sometimes you need a little inspiration, a nudge in the right direction—a reminder of truth. If only marketers had ancient proverbs!

It’s time for some modern-day maxims, don’t you think? Let’s start with the subjects of writing and editing:

Limit your words or limit your audience
Perhaps the most overlooked proverb of writing is the concept of editing. Less is more. To make your content powerful and concise, cut out the fluff. Keep things active, using a powerful vocabulary. Give the reader credit to understand the basics, and don’t waste time over-explaining.

To innovate you must create and be great
If you’re unwilling to think outside the box, don’t expect leads to flock to your front door step. Become great in your expertise and experience, and innovate on this foundation. Write unique content!

Solve problems or become one
Provide something of value. Meet a need, answer a question, or present a relevant topic within your industry. Otherwise, you’ll become annoying—if not extinct. Make sure your written content is user-friendly and intuitive, easy to absorb without being dull. Be a solution, not dead weight.

Put the reader first and watch your priorities align
Don’t write for yourself. Get to know your audience and potential buyers. Avoid industry jargon unless you’re sure it will be understood. If you follow this “Golden Rule” of marketing, your priorities and purpose will emerge naturally. Walk a mile in your readers’ shoes, and write accordingly.

To be excellent you must take the narrow road
We all want to perform well, be respected, and succeed within our fields. But how willing are we to work hard to make this happen? Dedication to the daily grind isn’t very popular in today’s society. People expect to be handed privilege on a silver platter. But that’s not how it works in marketing or writing. Excellence takes work. Grammar isn’t learned in a day. Vocabularies require time to grow. You can do it—just be faithful and keep going!

Do you have any rules of your own? Leave a comment below. And come back soon for part two in this series, featuring graphic design proverbs.

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