Monitoring Consumer Patterns: Meet Buyers Where They Are

Feb 18, 2021 | 212 Articles, Buyer Persona, Remote Working, Trends

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, most consumers were forced to work remotely. This increased the number of people who exercised, bought groceries, ordered clothes, and attended meetings—all from the comfort of their homes. Because of this “new normal,” companies have had to innovate to reach their target markets.

Successful companies, therefore, will meet buyers where they are. Our eBook, Build a Marketing Strategy that Reaches Remote Audiences, will help you adapt your strategy to engage with your target market virtually. One important step your company can take is monitoring consumer patterns. Consider these notable trends:

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The At-Home Market
Working from home has become increasingly necessary for businesses across the U.S.—and employees seem to enjoy it. In fact, 52% of people would like to be able to work from home after the pandemic ends, and 25% would like to do so exclusively, according to the Nielsen Remote Workers Consumer Survey. Consumers everywhere are spending more time on these in-home activities—whether cooking meals, watching live events, or creating fitness routines. Companies should be aware of this shift and adjust their campaigns accordingly.

The Rise of Online Shopping
Many consumers intend to shop virtually for the foreseeable future, despite in-person restrictions lifting. This is not due to fear of the virus, but because consumers now prefer shopping from home—no more long lines or dressing room disasters. McKinsey research shows that non-essential categories, such as clothing, makeup, and accessories, expect a 15% growth. In the future, online purchases will be motivated even more by convenience.

New Costumers
Buyers’ loyalty to their favorite brands is fading. During the novel coronavirus pandemic, 36% of consumers tried a new brand—and 73% of people who have branched out will continue trying new brands. This becomes an invaluable opportunity for businesses to attract new customers where they are.

Tracking evolving patterns and behaviors will allow you to effectively engage customers. Do you know how to delight your target audience? Contact us to set up a free buyer persona strategy session and learn how to better personalize your content.

Buying habits are evolving—and businesses must commit to reaching customers where they are. Are you working in the best interests of your audience? To learn more about how to delight consumers, monitor new trends, and follow best practices as they change, download our eBook.

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