MudLOVE: Giving Can Disrupt Patterns of Brokenness

Dec 3, 2014 | 25 Days of Christmas, Giving, Holiday

At 212 Media Studios, we believe that giving is more than just something you do every December. It’s really important—and can literally change both the recipient and the giver. That’s why this holiday season, 212 Media Studios is spending 12 days focusing exclusively on what it means to give. Today, we’re excited to feature MudLOVE.

MudLOVE started simply enough—an old stamp set, a box of clay, and a desire to deny self and love others by financially supporting clean water efforts in Africa.

CEO and founder Luke Wright couldn’t imagine living without water. He says, “Before I had any space, products, or even a name, I had settled on giving toward clean water right away. You can’t have clay without water, just like you can’t have life without water.”

Giving was incorporated into MudLOVE’s business structure from the beginning. Over the last five years, MudLOVE customers have helped raise over $300,000 for clean water. For every product purchased, someone in need is given a week’s worth of clean water.

Today, MudLOVE has grown to more than 40 employees, and offers many types of clay creations: wristbands, necklaces, mugs, pocket rocks, ornaments, and others (many of which are customizable)—and gives 20 percent of profits to its partner, Water for Good.  “People thirst for love just like people thirst for water in Africa. Through Water for Good, we’re able to address a physical need, which opens the door for us to meet the emotional need.”

Because Water for Good is local, Wright gets to work with them on a day-to-day level. “They are empowering people to do the work instead of completely fixing the problem for them.”

Wright has always been artistic, and founding MudLOVE allowed him to blend his passion with his mission. “I enjoy being creative in different ways,” says Wright. “There’s creative processing, inventions, new products, and trying to find new ways to create the product. I’m not anybody special; I’m just a guy who tried something and it worked, and I try to give God the glory.”

MudLOVE became a family affair when it merged with Bel Kai specialty jewelry by Wright’s wife, Whitney, and her crew. This brought about BeLove. Bel Kai donates 20 percent of every sale to a variety of organizations that meet the needs of women and children.

Looking forward, Wright is excited about the new partnership with IDNA Brands through Wildman Business Group. IDNA Brands has revolutionized the mall cart market, launching MudLOVE mall carts in more than 15 locations across the nation—with more to come! The partnership creates new channels of love as IDNA Brands currently gives 20 percent of all profits to help children and young adults receive education in the Dominican Republic through 2nd Mile Missions.

Here are the top three things Wright would love everyone to know about MudLOVE:

  1. Break the pattern.
    Our collective purpose is to disrupt patterns of brokenness though a thoughtful and creative pursuit of love. This is how we run our business, and this is how we want people to join in and inspire thoughtfulness and creativity.”
  2. Put love into action.
    “The purpose of MudLOVE is to equip others to love people. We don’t want the focus to be on us; we want the focus to be on what people have done with the product. Love is an action, and we’re just conduits of that.”
  3. Persevere.
    “For me, on a personal level, I want people to know that MudLove is proof that you can do anything you put your mind to. This is something that happened because of one simple act of obedience. God won’t do the work for you—He’ll be there, but you have to work hard. MudLOVE is built on a lot of tears, blood, and sweat. But persevere through the hard times, and learn from your mistakes.”

MudLOVE’s giving is empowering others through love. How can your generosity empower someone this Christmas?

To read more about MudLOVE and to view its products, go to If you’re local, visit the mall cart in Glenbrook Square Mall in Fort Wayne or in the University Park Mall in Mishawaka!

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