Multiple-Channel Marketing

Sep 9, 2013 | Brand, Marketing

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Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re constantly being marketed to. We’re surrounded by advertising everywhere we go. It’s in print, television, radio, online, social media, and many other forms. Businesses are pinpointing their customers and prospects to make the biggest impact. Beginning in the 1990s, companies began to understand the influence they could have by adopting multiple channels of marketing. Since then, many forms of advertising have sprouted up, becoming more and more popular. The most influential and relevant form in today’s society is social media.

Since multiple-channel marketing has become so widespread, it’s easy to overlook it sometimes. But have you ever seen a tweet that linked to a related YouTube video? There you have it: multiple-channel marketing in action. The concept is relatively simple—and fantastic because of its effectiveness in advertising. Essentially, it gives the business more bang for its buck. Multi-platform advertising develops your brand image and can reach many audiences. Syndicating your channels builds consistency, while keeping you relevant and involved with customers and trends.

You can use this marketing strategy to steer your customers to your other platforms that aren’t as known. For example, if your Facebook and Twitter pages are doing well, but your blog is lacking, promote it through your posts. Creatively share your blog articles on Facebook and Twitter to engage more readers. Keep your topics relevant and interesting, making the links appealing to the large audience.

When integrating many platforms, it’s imperative to maintain quality content and pay close attention to your overall image. If not, your marketing efforts will weaken, and your customer following will deplete. Pay attention to detail. Do your research. Determine which platforms thrive and which need more work. Then, maintain and nurture your advertising avenues to help them succeed.

Synthesizing your marketing can be difficult at first, but it’s worth it. You can further engage customers and increase your following. It can create a fresh view of your company and give your products or services a tasteful image. Although multiple-channel marketing requires time, patience, maintenance, and attention to detail, remember that “Customers who interact with your company over multiple channels are more loyal and profitable than single-channel customers” (Developing Effective Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies by the Banta Corporation).

Alex Sanchez
Assistant Community Manager

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