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Jan 18, 2014 | HTML, Mobile, Productivity, Technology, User Review, Web Development, Websites

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Choosing development software is a crucial part of becoming an efficient and successful web developer or designer. For example, most graphic designers would agree that Adobe Photoshop is a must-have. In this article, I am going to point out three must-have web development tools.

1. Coda 2

Coda 2 is an amazing code editor that our company uses. It has numerous benefits, such as folding code and auto-completing code. Another feature Coda 2 packs is an awesome sidebar that comes with many coding resources, clips, and validation.

Coda’s website management is a step above the competitors’ with its ability to save ftp information, and the ability to group your sites just like you would on your iPhone or iPad. On that note, Coda 2 also offers AirPreview to iPad, which benefits mobile development. 

2. BugHerd

BugHerd is the next tool. It’s relatively new to me, but its ability to improve websites is amazing. BugHerd allows you to place a small feedback button on your webpages that connects you directly to your page viewers. Once the user clicks the feedback button, he has two options. The first allows him to comment on the page in its entirety, and the second allows him to click a specific part of the page that needs to be fixed or changed.

Although these features are very cool, it actually gets better. BugHerd works directly with sites like Basecamp, so within seconds of receiving feedback, you can fix the issue. BugHerd is a valuable way to connect your company directly to its customer base. 

3. Macaw

Okay, I’ll admit that I may have “cheated” on this one. Macaw might not fit into the must-have category, but this upcoming software is very exciting. Macaw is an HTML and CSS creation software that produces usable web code.

In the past, there have been many design tools that I have laughed at, but Macaw is very different. What makes it different from a program like DreamSpark? Well, Macaw creates functional and editable code. I have seen several Macaw examples, and the code is very similar to something I would write.

Regarding editing features, Macaw’s feel is very similar to that of Photoshop. It can create effortless, mobile-friendly code without messing with those annoying media tags. Just like Photoshop, Macaw has the capability to create groups inside of groups, which generate actual divs. You should definitely keep an eye out for Macaw’s release early this year.

I consider Coda 2, BugHerd, and Macaw major game changers for web developers. If you are looking to improve as a developer, then I strongly consider taking a look at these options.

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