New to Facebook: “Offers”

PayProMedia | June 4th, 2012
Inbound Marketing 101

“Offers” is an innovative promotional tool for Facebook Pages users. This feature allows Facebook Pages to very easily create a special “offer” to the people that already like your page. Currently access to this promotion is limited to 845 million users, so not all pages have access to it yet. The simplicity of creating a promotion or a deal will be a great thing for brands on Facebook.

This feature will prove to be very helpful to any business or restaurant who regularly publish deals or coupons. This feature will also make Facebook Pages more alluring to “like” since users should see an increase in the number of promotional deals. The “Offers” feature will be well received by brands and users alike since it simplifies the process of promoting a deal or coupon offer, and will create more opportunities for users to get a deal from their favorite brands. Good call, Facebook!

-Max Carter, Media Specialist

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