Our 2 Biggest Tips for Mailer Success

Jun 19, 2019 | 212 Articles, Communication, Content Generation, Content Marketing, Creativity, Print

Direct mail is on the rise. This “come-back” medium can make all the difference in generating leads if you know how to reach the right audience. Read these three case studies to see some real-life examples of success—and failure.

Snail mail has reclaimed its authority by connecting with an audience receiving a steady diet of impersonal emails and online ads. People are increasingly overwhelmed—or bored—by electronic messaging, making way for innovative mailers that holistically integrate with companies’ digital marketing campaigns. Effective direct mail meets potential customers where they are and presents them with something of tangible value.

Recent research shows that direct-mail response rates are rising. According to a DMA Response Rate Report, house list response rates recently rose 43%, and prospect list response rates doubled. In fact, direct mail secured the third-highest ROI in the DMA’s report. Gallup also reports that 36% of people under age 30 look forward to checking their mailboxes each day, and, according to MarketingSherpa, 76% of consumers trust direct mail when they want to make a purchase decision. (You read that right—76%!)

Read these case studies to learn more about creating a successful direct-mail campaign!

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Reach the Right Recipients with Unique Content
Customers love feeling valued and understood—and your direct-mail campaign is a perfect opportunity to engage and reward them. Knowing your audience lets you personalize your messaging. We recommend creating buyer personas as a place to start. These informative profiles are based on extensive research and will influence every marketing choice you will face. For more information on buyer personas, click here.

Whether you’re promoting an upcoming product launch or trying to arrange a meeting with a prospect, direct mail can exceed your customers’ expectations if it is unique and specific to their interests. Your recipients will see that you took the time to understand their desires—and that goes a long way in building client relationships and in setting you apart from your competitors.

If you don’t target the precisely right audience, direct mail is nothing more than junk. When it comes to converting leads, details rule. Want to learn more about the difference between a successful direct-mail campaign and a failed one? Read these case studies!

If you aren’t sure what to send that will garner attention, keep brainstorming—and don’t skimp. Send offers of value. These are your treasured customers and important leads! Include exclusive content, promotional offers, samples, or other freebies. Use their first names or company titles. Invest in a design and packaging that stands out among stacks of bills. In sum: Go the extra mile! It is an investment worth making.

Integrate All of Your Content
Pair your mailers with your digital campaign to maximize reach. The contacts who receive a mailer should ideally receive your emails, see your social media posts, and interact with retargeting ads from you. When direct mail is a part of an integrated marketing plan, your potential ROI multiplies.

Customers need more than just one interaction with your company before they’re sold on it. Multiple touchpoints are the building blocks of effective marketing. A single-threaded strategy won’t convert leads. Invest in more than just one social media impression, email click, or webinar.

Remember that a quality direct-mail campaign requires time and research. You cannot afford to take a chance and miss—or worse, deter—quality leads. If you hope to launch a direct-mail campaign, enlist a qualified partner to help you. At 212 Media Studios, we’ll take the time to understand your buyer, develop a plan, and deliver a message that meets your clients where they are. Contact us to get started on an innovative mailer that will impress your clients.





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