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May 13, 2014 | Small Business

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To continue celebrating National Small Business Week, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite local small businesses. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope it encourages you to explore a new small company this week. If you haven’t checked out these places, we highly recommend a visit!

The Village Barber

“The Village Barber is nice and fast. He is also really customer-sensitive. If you want to talk he will talk to you, and if you don’t want to talk he will just cut your hair. Overall, it’s just a really nice experience.”

— Jimmy Elsner

Cerulean Restaurant

“I have never had a better dining experience than at Cerulean. The food is of the best quality and the majority of it is locally sourced. The atmosphere is modern, but warm and relaxing. If you want an elegant but not presumptuous dining experience, you have to check out Cerulean in Winona Lake!”

— Dustin Hickle

The Lake House

“I love the style of clothing. It is the only local place that has that sort of feel and style to its clothing options. I love the owner and how personal he is with his customers. He always remembers names and makes you feel welcome.”

— John Swanson

Ab and Tom’s AutoCare

“They have been maintaining our vehicles for many years. A good local business on the west end of town. I highly recommend them.”

— Jeff Secaur

Three Crowns Coffee

“I really love that they look to be good stewards of those that they source their coffee from. I also appreciate the care they take to provide the perfect cup of coffee. The creativity of their specialty drinks is really cool. Who would have thought that coffee with rosemary would be so delicious?”

— Nate Manahan

“I like Three Crowns’ manager, Eric. I really like his attitude toward quality coffee and unique creations, especially when I get to be the guinea pig. I also like the pictures he posts on social media and that he uses them well for marketing.”

— Ethan Sheckler


“The staff is very friendly and personable, and they really care about their customer service.”

— JT Jacobson


“I like MudLOVE because their products are unique, high quality, and can be personalized. I also don’t mind spending my money on their products because I know it is going toward a good cause. 20% of all proceeds go to Water for Good!”

— Caitlin Steiner

Venti’s (Oregon)

“One of my favorite small businesses since moving to Oregon is a place called Venti’s. It’s a restaurant that serves a rotation of various Oregon-specific and northwest beers and has amazing food. The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful, and the restaurant vibe is amazing, not to mention very kid-friendly—including a corner made specifically for kids—which I really appreciate.”

— Bethany Alcock

The Wagon Wheel Theatre

“If you have any interest in musical theater, you need to check out some of the Wagon Wheel’s holiday or summer shows. The quality is always impressive—and the in-the-round stage is especially unique. I’ve played percussion in the pit orchestra for a few productions, and I’m always impressed by the dedication and skill of all the performing artists.”
— Crystal Horner

Renewal Homes, LLC

“Wendell Miller is very easy to work with. He pointed out specific details that improved our overall building plan. He is really honest and trustworthy and genuinely cares about the final product meeting our specific, personal needs.”

— Bobbie Stump

Kelainey’s and Greek’s Pizza

“I picked these two because I cannot choose one. Greek’s has the best pizza and dipping cheese anywhere. You also can’t beat the chocolate chunk ice cream at Kelainey’s!”

— Melissa Katip

These are just a handful of our favorite places in Warsaw and Winona Lake, Indiana. Share some of your favorite small businesses with us, and remember to highlight them on social media using the hashtag #LuvSmallBiz.

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