Out-of-the-Box Marketing

Jan 22, 2018 | 212 Articles, Marketing, Video

I recently reread an article published in January of 2016 listing some new and creative marketing ideas for businesses. Included was a plea for more video, as well as a discussion about newsletters. What surprised me most about this article is that these two items are still “out of the box” for most small to medium businesses. Most aren’t utilizing video (I’m not talking about Snapchat and Facebook videos). And newsletters are either poorly produced (too much verbiage, too much data, and just plain too much!), or not produced at all (“We did that in 2002—why would we do it now?”).

Many out-of-the-box ideas from marketing partners are focused on new technology or a new technique for reaching target audiences. Sometimes an agency identifies a truly innovative way of doing communications—I know we’ve done that in the past. However, these new ideas and latest fads can be super expensive, or cause embarrassment from a perceived lack of vision.

For our clients and prospects, we find that most out-of-the-box marketing comes down to doing existing things more effectively and efficiently. If you’re going to use video, hire an experienced videographer, not your cousin’s daughter who’s taken a few classes toward her degree in non-profit marketing. Enlist a talented storyteller writing your script, building the storyboard, and consulting with the videographer to create a piece of marketing that impresses and excites your audience. Make sure the final editing makes you proud. Don’t settle. Video will live forever on the internet; don’t be embarrassed when someone Googles your company name.

Another “out-of-the-box” idea is to create compelling content for a newsletter for clients and prospects. It could be monthly, or quarterly if you don’t have significant content to share. Don’t try to say everything in one newsletter. Direct people to articles, white papers, eBooks, and your website for more content. Make sure the newsletter is optimized for mobile devices because 65% of your readers are likely using their phones or tablets. You could send hard copies to a few key clients with a handwritten note—something personal that points them to an article or piece of relevant information.

While this blog post could have been a list of “hot marketing trends for 2018” asking you to “CLICK TO READ MORE!” or sign up for a monthly update, I chose to go in a different direction. Truthfully, if you do your marketing with more intentionality and compelling content, you’ll stand out from your competition.

We’d love to help you with this—after all, we hate boring and poorly done marketing.

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