Pick the Right Marketing Tool for the Job

Oct 13, 2015 | Advertising, Brand, Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traditional Marketing

Before I entered graduate school to pursue academia, I worked as a carpenter, remodeling homes in Minneapolis. I have since kept up with the trade as a hobby.

One thing I love about woodworking is the problem-solving aspect. Boards are never as straight as they should be, nor do my cuts always align. When these issues arise, I go to my small arsenal of tools that can bend, cut, carve, sand, grind, or simply force wood into the needed shape. These tools have been collected over the years and, as I’ve grown in my abilities, I’ve accumulated more precise, specifically purposed tools.

There is a maxim in the carpentry world: Use the right tool for the job. Most carpenters I know collect tools to fulfill this very purpose. In a pinch, a screwdriver can certainly be used as a rudimentary chisel or as a scratch awl. But great satisfaction comes from having the perfect tool for a specific task or for solving a particular problem. I can work confidently, knowing that my end product will benefit from having had the right tool for the job.

The lessons of woodworking are not that much different from those of marketing. Like carpentry, marketing problems arise unexpectedly. Your business may have thought your marketing strategy was working until the winds brought an unexpected problem to your door. Consequently, you may be asking, “How do I fix this?” knowing full well that your current basic marketing tools are not up to the task.

Alternatively, maybe your basic marketing tools have served you well for years, but now you are ready to move to the next level and don’t know which tools would suit your new approach.

Or, maybe your situation is unique, and you are facing a seemingly impossible marketing problem with no solution.

In situations like these, experience plays a vital role. Whereas novice carpenters often don’t know what to do, masters of the trade are experts at understanding the subtle nuances of the given situation. This can include knowing the characteristics and tendencies of different woods, anticipating and preparing for potential problems three or four steps down the line, or even recognizing that a certain tool would solve the issue perfectly and simply.

Similarly, marketing professionals are well-versed through in the nuances of marketing situations. Professionals know the tricks, tools, and standard practices that can help you navigate whatever situation your business is facing. They know what to expect and what problems may arise. They understand audience needs and demographic trends. They consider the pros and cons of each option before selecting the tool to best accomplish the purpose. They know when to go with the grain and when, for effect, to cut through it.

Your business might be relying on simple email blasts or flyers to spread the word, when social media would be a far more appropriate and effective tool. You might be seeking to expand your business, but don’t know how to navigate the precarious realm of radio or television spot purchases. Or, you may be hoping to reach a particular segment of the public without realizing that the perfect media platform already exists. In all these cases, our marketing team at 212 Media Studios can help. We know what works, we know the media industry, and we have access to the latest tools to reach your intended audience.

Even in trickier situations, our team of professionals knows what to do. If that means digging deep into the creative “tool box” and pulling out that useful-only-once-in-a-lifetime tool and dropping custom-designed packages of Skittles from a logo-covered hot air balloon while a local celebrity parachutes into a high school football game halftime, then we will create a plan and guide you to that end.

Fine woodworking is an art. Good marketing is no different. Don’t settle for a makeshift marketing plan. Let our experienced team of marketers help you design the perfect strategy. Then, just sit back and marvel at what can be created when skillful hands use the right tools.

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