Planning an Inbound Marketing Strategy to Complement Your Product Launch

Aug 6, 2015 | Advertising, Business, Inbound Marketing, Marketing, Sales

There’s not much better than knowing you put together a great marketing plan and executed it perfectly. Perhaps you just launched a new business and generated buzz all over your community. Or your latest product launch really connected with customers, and sales increased. You can’t fake that kind of results.

Honestly, getting people excited about something new is easy. Think about it—when you hear about those new Jordans or the latest driver from Callaway, it’s almost impossible not to get that little flutter of excitement. We all like new things, new adventures, and new opportunities, so I’ll say it again: If you’ve generated buzz, you’ve done the easy part!

The hard part is keeping that momentum going. So, ask yourself and your marketing team this question:

Do we have a plan in place that keeps people interested after the initial interest dies down and we are left with nothing but embers?

My recommendation is to plan ahead of your campaign and put inbound marketing strategies in place to maximize the initial excitement and keep people coming back for more.

On a high level, inbound marketing is a strategy that draws customers into your business, rather than interrupting their lives with broadcast media. Your initial strategy should include opportunities for potential customers to sign up for mailing lists, connect on social media, and join online forums during the initial excitement period so you can continue to have a relationship with them as time passes.

Taking advantage of opportunities to connect with customers is where inbound marketing shines. Once you have a database of customers, you have the chance to provide them with the information they actually want via a variety of digital outlets.

Inbound marketing relies heavily on producing content people are searching for online. Whether it’s through blogs, whitepapers, YouTube videos, or webinars, your goal is to answer their questions when they are looking for answers. By doing this, you establish yourself as a subject-matter expert that they will return to the next time they have a question or—even better—when they are looking to make a purchase.

So, before you begin your next marketing campaign or introduce your next new product, be sure you have an inbound marketing strategy in place. Many agencies can help you get started, including us here at 212. If you want to talk more about how inbound marketing works, or you want a partner to help you get started, let us know—we’re glad to talk with you more!

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